Creating a neighborhood in New Orleans where kids can ride their bikes to:
a home their family owns a safe place to gather a church that cares schools of excellence

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Urban Impact Ministries


Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 50223

New Orleans, La.70150


Ministry Address:

2323 South Galvez St. New Orleans, La. 70125


Contact Information

Phone:                     Fax:

504-523-5556            504-523-5133


Mailing Address:

PO Box 50223

New Orleans, LA 70150

Shipping Address:

2344 South Miro St.

New Orleans, LA 70125

Executive Director

Pastor John F. Gerhardt

Director of Operations

Terry Sistrunk

Youth Pastor

Tyrone Christoph

Worship Director,

NOLA Fusion Director

Tre Pennington


Office Manager &Administrative Assistant to the Executive Director

Helen Harris



Education Director

Wendy Gerhardt

Recreation Ministry Director & NOLA Fusion Asst. Director

Jeremy Oatis



George Nyholm

Facility Manager

Joe Davis


Finance Manager

Kerry Bretz