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Creating a neighborhood in New Orleans where kids can ride their bikes to:
a home their family owns a safe place to gather a church that cares schools of excellence


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Urban Impact Ministries

PO Box 50223

New Orleans, LA 70150




Welcome to our new mission team experience! We're excited to share with you each of the following opportunities for you to get involved with God's work here in Central City New Orleans. You'll notice several familiar things have changed names and we've added a few opportunities as well. It is our hope that you find a good fit for you, your church, your youth group or your family here with us.


Defined: 1. To acceleratethe growth or progress of ( advance a cause)

Transform is our Adult and Family misson ministry which host teams between mid September and mid May. Ministry activities are varied depending on time of the year , ongoing projects, community projects,etc. See below for more details,information, videos, and applications.


Defined: 1.merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole

Fusion is our summer high school mission ministry which host teams between the first week of June and last week of July. See below for more details,information, videos, and applications.


Defined: 1. instuction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions.

Immersion is our internship ministry for young adults from 18-25 years for 3, 6, and 9 month ministry internships. See below for more details,information, videos, and applications.


Defined:1. one associated with another especially in action.

Partners is our ministrty wher we have individuals, churches, businesses, and communityies who come along side of us to pray, serve,give, and act as our advocates in their own communities. See below for more details,information, videos, and applications




Would you like to serve in missions but cannot go for an extended period of time? Do you or your church want to be involved with missions in a hands-on way? Are you or your congregation interested in missions but not sure how to get started? NOLAtransform is for you!

NOLAtransform is a the missions arm of Urban Impact Ministries in New Orleans, where groups or individuals can partner for a short-term missions experience. Our short-term trips and service projects provide opportunities for everyone to become involved in missions in a meaningful way.

As a volunteer, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as you help repair damanged homes, tutor children who are behind in their schoolwork, play games with youth needing a safe place to gather and share the Gospel with those who desperately need a Savior.

This upcoming ministry year,from January to May 2013, we will have the opportunity to begin the phase two renovation - renovate the 100 yr old sanctuary to a " Hip Hop community center for teenagers. This will give us the opportunity to share the gospel message with young people who now will have a safe place to gather in hang. As God has repeatedly done over the last 22 years, we know He will provide the right people, at the right times to complete that which He has endorsed for impacting and changing the lives of people in this neighborhood. . If you are interested in partnering with us, whether wanting to come serve with a team, financial partner or pray partner, please go to the home page/ Building a Bigger Porch update. If you want to bring a team contact Terry Sistrunk at 504-234-7402; 504-523-5556 or via email at

sss5sss6Through training and practical experience, NOLAtransform team partners are equipped to “take it home,” which often leads to increased service in their own communities. There are so many ways for you to be involved in missions. During these tough economic times, NOLAtransform is an economical option that still gives you the cross-cultural experience of an internationl missions trip.


Please note that teams wishing to serve with us during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Mardi Gras week may be subject to an additional charge.

If you would like information or to sign up to bring a team, call Helen Harris at 504-523-5556 or via email at


Check out our video here.

Click here to download an Team Leader Packet and Application

NOLAfuision (formerly National Project) youth mission trips uniquely emphasize discipleship and evangelism. You will be exposed to New Orleans’ burning need for a Savior, be equipped to help meet that need and be sent home to be actively involved in ministry.

Time is set aside each day for extensive teaching, quiet time and the development of your relationship with Christ. You will be taught and trained to be a disciple of Jesus. The environment created each summer is one where the Holy Spirit can radically transform each student’s life.






One of the largest aspects of NOLAfuision is the relational ministry you will do in our neighborhood. After training it’s hands on time. Through service at daycamp, recreation outreach and Challenge Circle, we concentrate on teaching you how to communicate your faith. You are given opportunity after opportunity to share your faith as we minister alongside local missionaries, pastors and indigenous church members.






NOLAfusion 2013 Week Schedule

Week One: June 8 -15

Week Two: June15-22

Week Three: June 22-29

Week Four: June 29- July 6

Week Five: July 6 - 13

Week Six: July 13-20

Week Seven: July 20 - 27

NOLAfusionTraditional Daily Schedule

    7:30 a.m.       Wake Up
    8:30 – 9:15    Breakfast at Castle Rock
    9:15 – 9:30    Devotional
    9:30-10:15    Harambee - Team time
   10:30-11:15   Chapel
   11:15-12:00   Break
   12:00-12:30   Lunch
   12:45              Day Camp Prep (Drivers Leaving)
   1:15                VBS Registration
   1:30                Unity Meeting (Cheers, Verse of Day, Songs)
   2:00               On Campus-VBSClasses - Bible, Crafts,Sports

Off Campus - Basketball Outreach, Prayer walks, service projects

  4:00                Closing and Departure
   4:30               Break
   5:00               Supper
   6:00               Challenge Circle
   8:00               Free time
  10:00              Lights Out

This we are already planning for Summer 2013 if you would like information or to sign up for next summer 2013 call Helen Harris at 504-523-5556 or

Download an application here.

Check out our summer 2013 camp video here.

Check our promo videot here.

Check our cheers video here.


Are you seeking to grow your faith and be stretched our of your comfort zone? NOLAimmersion may be for you!

We are looking for a few good men and women to serve alongside Urban Impact staff for 3 or up to 12 month internships.

As an intern with NOLAimmersion, you will receive teaching and practical experience in cross cultural ministry, racial reconciliation, poverty culture as well as accountability to grow in spiritual disciplines. Interns serve alongside Urban Impact staff through youth Bible studies, education, community initiatives and discipleship experiences.

Our interns range from newly graduated students to retired adults to those who are seeking to understand the inner workings of urban ministry. The minimum requirement for service is one year of college (or those at least one year out of high school) with no maximum age limit. NOLAimmersion interns live in the Yellow House (a dormitory style building which also houses our mission team partners) and raise their own prayer and financial support.

Please give us a call! Our flexible internship experience provides a variety of options for the young and old to serve God in New Orleans. Contact Tre Pennington for more information at 504-289-7175;504-523-5556 or via email at or Terry Sistrunk at 504-234-7402;504-523-5556 or via email at

Download an application here.

Download recommendation forms here.

Download additional information here.

You can be a NOLApartner if one or more of the following is true: you have a passion for discipleship, you have a desire to see youth know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, you would like to help those who are still struggling from the effects of generational poverty.

NOLApartners are essential to fulfilling the vision of creating a neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes to a church that cares, schools of excellence, a home their family owns and a safe place to gather.

NOLApartners Pray, Come, Give and Advocate.

Pray for us, we need faithful prayer partners to stand in the gap for our youth, neighborhood and staff.

Come serve alongside us by yourself or bring a team of folks. Your presence in an encouragement to us and essential to vision.

Give toward the vision of creating a neighborhood where kids can ride their bike. With committed financial partners we are equipped to accomplish the vision.

Advocate for the work being done by passing the word to friends who may be interested and by inviting Urban Impact staff to speak at your Church or other event.

Will you consider being a NOLApartner? To become a declared partner please call or email call Terry Sistrunk at 504-234-7402;504-523-5556 or via email at .


Want to continue the discussion?

If you'd like to learn more about poverty, reconciliation and other urban issues that you've come in contact with here in New Orleans, visit Urban Entry by clicking the link below. Here you'll find great resources for continuing these important discussions.

Are you a student leader or a high school student?

Then check out NOLAfusion (formerly National Project) our summer missions experience for high school students!

Adult  and Family

Mission Teams:

There are numerous opportunities to serve with us here in New Orleans. For more information, contact Helen Harris at 504.523.5556 or

Bigger Porch Update

(new community center)


For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”

Jeremiah 29:11

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