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Construction Update

“Building a Bigger Porch”
Come Hang Out On The Porch With Us!
May 2014 Update

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What a journey the Lord has taken us on over the last four years. He showed Pastor John a different direction than what we first had planned at the corner of South Claiborne Ave. and Martin Luther King. We purchased that property just before Katrina. Katrina sent everyone in the city scattering. Low and behold, we get a contract with FEMA, which paid the balance of the note off. We get financing, have plans drawn, and just before permitting, the Lord says, ‘I have other plans in store for your ministry and church.’ Pastor John heeded the call, prayed, spent time with HIM, and HE led us to a broken, damaged facility at the corner First and South Galvez St.

As with anything in which God is involved, it requires faith and boldness to follow HIM. We did. He sent over 900 missionaries to accomplish HIS calling. In May of 2012, we had our first service. The next day, we sold the lot at South Claiborne, and the day after that, we sold the old church and ministry facility which helped greatly towards the expenses of construction.

In January of 2013, HE sent over 400 people to help with the renovation of the 100 year old church into our new youth community center – “The Sanctuary.” We are about 85 to 90 % to completion. We lack $70,000 to complete it, of which we have raised $16,000 to date. We need to raise the remaining funds to finish. This facility is desperately needed in our neighborhood. Over the last 5 years, we have had 11 adults, youth, and children murdered in this community who were in one way or another associated with Urban Impact and Castle Rock Community Church; however, God is faithful and HE will provide at the appropriate time.

Please continue to pray for guidance, direction, discernment, and provision.

In the meantime, as we wait to raise the funds for completion, we have had alot to do. This spring, we had 125 missionaries in and we worked on repairing and maintaining our ministry houses that were in dire need of attention. We painted the LA House inside and out, Marty and several missionaries did repairs on the Yellow House- redoing the shower in the girls apartment, installing fire ladder boxes, maintenance on the balcony railings, etc. In addition, we have gone as far as we can with the “Sanctuary” youth center. We finished the interior painting, 95% of the trim, the outside deck and handicapped ramp, etc. We no with purchasing floors, toilets and sinks for the bathroom, final installation of the HVAC, sound and lighting system, general lighting, interior doors, furniture, concession equipment, security system etc. It’s all in HIS timing.

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Over the next several years, we will be looking to purchase land to build or renovate another ministry house to put believers from our UIM/CRCC family in the neighborhood, as well as, putting a plan together to not only build, but create a ministry home and ministry for unwed teenage moms.  Although the cost of the home will be significant, we must develop a sustainable ministry plan to have the impact and influence needed in this community.