Welcome to our new mission team experience!

We’re excited to share with you each of the following opportunities for you to get involved with God’s work here in Central City New Orleans. You’ll notice several familiar things have changed names and we’ve added a few opportunities as well. It is our hope that you find a good fit for you, your church, your youth group or your family here with us.


Defined: 1. To accelerate the growth or progress of (advance a cause)
Transform is our adult and family mission ministry which host teams between mid September and mid May. Ministry activities are varied depending on time of the year, ongoing projects, community projects, etc. Click NOLA:transform for more details, information, an applications. Or simply contact Helen Harris at (504) 523-5556 or helenh@urbanimpact.org for more details.


Defined: 1.merging of diverse, distinct, or separate elements into a unified whole
Fusion is our summer high school mission ministry which host teams between the first week of June and last week of July. Click the NOLA:fusion click for applications and more information. Or simply email Pastor John at johng@urbanimpact.org.


Defined: 1. instruction based on extensive exposure to surroundings or conditions.
Immersion is our internship ministry for young adults from 18-25 years for 3, 6, and 9 month ministry internships. Click NOLA:immersion above for more details and applications. Contact Pastor John at johng@urbanimpact.org.


Defined:1. one associated with another especially in action.

Partners is our ministry where we have individuals, churches, businesses, and communities who come along side of us to pray, serve, give, and act as our advocates in their own communities. Click on NOLA:partners above for more information or simply contact Pastor John at johng@urbanimpact.org for more details.