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Defined: one associated with another especially in action.

Partners is our ministry for individuals, churches, businesses, and communities to come along side of us to pray, serve, give, and advocate in their own communities. Keep reading for more details and information on how to partner with partnerpicsus to serve Central City, New Orleans!

“We continue coming down here, because we believe in what you’re doing, and we keep seeing the results of the ministry every time we come.”  – Pete from Maryland

NOLApartners are essential and vital to our presence, influence, and impact here in Central City, New Orleans.

You can be a NOLApartner if one or more of the following is true: you have a passion for discipleship, you have a desire to see youth know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, you would like to help those who are still struggling from the effects of generational poverty. 

NOLApartners are essential to fulfilling the vision of creating a neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes to a church that cares, schools of excellence, a home their family owns and a safe place to gather. 

NOLApartners Pray, Come, Give and Advocate. 

PRAY for us. We need faithful prayer partners to stand in the gap for our youth, neighborhood, and staff. 

COME serve with us. Come by yourself or bring a team. Your presence is an encouragement to us and essential to our vision. 

GIVE toward the vision.  With committed financial partners we are equipped to accomplish the vision of creating a neighborhood where kids can ride their bikes. 

ADVOCATE as our Ambassador.  Pass the word to friends who may be interested in partnering with us by inviting an Urban Impact staff member to speak at your Church or other event. 

Will you consider being a NOLApartner? To become a declared partner please contact Helen Harris at (504) 523-5556 or helenh@urbanimpact.org.