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Defined: To accelerate the growth or progress of; advance a cause

Transform is our mission opportunity for adults and families. From September through May we host teams to work on various ministry activities.  There is always so much going on at Urban Impact so your specific area of service depends on many factors. Keep reading for more details and information on how you can help us transform Central City, New Orleans and be transformed to serve your community!




We are in one of the most racially, economically and culturally diverse cities in America. There is no place like New Orleans! You can be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as you serve with us doing  construction, relational, and prayer ministry. Be it hammering on a ministry home, renovating our new youth ministry center, clearing overgrown lots, tutoring children, playing sports, or prayer walking through a neighborhood, you will have a multifaceted experience in urban missions.


Our staff has over 100 combined years of experience in urban ministry that will be used to teach classes to help you take “it” home. You will learn about God’s heart for the poor, how charity helps but God’s justice changes, racial inclusion and unity, and how you can use holistic ministry to grow your church and God’s kingdom back home.


 3. GO DO

Through practical experience and training, many teams have left with a “can do” attitude. Teams from all over the United States have gone 

home and done holistic ministry that grows God’s kingdom and their church. NOLAtransform is a lifechanging experience!

Would you like to serve in missions but cannot go for an extended period of time? Do you or your church want to be involved with missions in a hands-on way? Are you or your congregation interested in missions but not sure how to get started? NOLAtransform is for you!

NOLAtransform is the missions arm of Urban Impact Ministries and Castle Rock Community Church in New Orleans, where groups or individuals can partner for a short-term missions experience. Our short-term trips and service projects provide opportunities for everyone to become involved in missions in a meaningful way.

As a volunteer, you can be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ as you help repair damaged homes, tutor children who are behind in their schoolwork, play games with youth needing a safe place to gather and share the Gospel with those who desperately need a Savior.

 Our goals for 2022 (January – April):trasnformpic3

1. We would like to finish the phase two renovations –the conversion of the 100 year old sanctuary into a Hip Hop community center for teenagers. Creating this safe place to gather will give us the opportunity to share the gospel message with the young people of Central City. As God has repeatedly done over the last 24 years, we know He will provide the remaining funds needed, the right people at the right times to complete that which He has endorsed for impacting and changing the lives of people in this neighborhood.

2. We have several ministry houses in the neighborhood that are in need of attention and maintenance. These houses are of vital importance to the ministry and church because it gives us spheres of influence in the neighborhood which is otherwise unattainable.

3. Each spring, we spend time doing “BLIGHTbusters” in which we go out into the neighborhood to cut and clean blighted lots. What an encouragement for the neighbors of these lots, giving us an opportunity to build lasting relationships.

4. Each spring, we take teams out on afternoon prayer walks, do CHALLENGEcircle in the neighboring housing developments with the children, and assist with our Homework Help ministry in the late afternoon.

 Through training and practical experience, NOLAtransform teams are equipped to “take it home,” which often leads to increased service in their own communities. There are so many ways for you to be involved in missions. During these tough economic times, NOLAtransform is an economical option that still gives you the cross-cultural experience of an international missions trip.

Please note that teams wishing to serve with us during Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter and Mardi Gras week may be subject to an additional charge.

If you would like information or to sign up to bring a team, call Helen Harris at 504-523-5556 or via email at helenh@urbanimpact.org.