Creating a neighborhood in New Orleans where kids can ride their bikes to:
a home their family owns a safe place to gather a church that cares

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Urban Impact Ministries

PO Box 50223

New Orleans, LA 70150


A safe place to gather

Youth Bible studies and recreation outreach: Reaching the youth of Central City New Orleans has always been and will always be the priority for us at Urban Impact.

Each week youth from our neighborhood have the opportunity to attend Bible studies prepared to bring them into a fruitful relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Our Bible studies, lead by Youth Pastor Tyrone Christoph (an alumni of our programs), combine solid Biblical teaching with fun activities.

Monday night 6 p.m. One One Six, a Bible study for students who want to go deeper in their relationship with God.

Tuesday night 6 p.m. SLAM, large group Bible study for junior high students.

Thursday night 6 p.m. TNL, large group Bible study for high school students.

Friday night 5:30 - 7:30 pm ( 9-13 yr olds). 8:00 - 10:30 pm 14 yrs old & up- Open court basketball outreach .

Saturday night 5:30 - 7:30 pm ( 9-13 yr olds). 8:00 - 10:30 pm 14 yrs old & up- Open court basketball outreach .

Sunday afternoon Football outreach

Recreation is one of our greatest tools to create relationships when reaching out to the youth of our neighborhood.  Each Friday and Saturday night our basketball court is open , as a safe place, so youth from all over our neighborhood can play basketball and then benefit from a Bible study in the middle of the evening.  It is our goal to have Castle Rock open to give youth a safe place to gather and be introduced to Jesus. Our Sunday afternoon football games are also a big hit with men from all ages participating. The young guys versus the old guys’ football games even fill the stands with church members on a nice afternoon.

In addition, with our new facility, God has provided a playground for mothers with young children to now have a safe place to bring their children to play without fear of what they have to deal with. We are now 1/2 block fom the newly erected Calliope Housing Development where 1000 units will be opened by March of 2013 which will house many such mothers.

All activities are held at 2323 South Galvez St., New Orleans, La. 70125

If you would like to volunteer with our youth,contact Youth Pastor Tyrone Christoph at or Recreation Director - Jeremy Oatis at or via phone at 504.523.5556.


Schools of Excellence

Tuesday night homework help, assists students from our partner school, KIPP Central City Academy, with their homework in a safe and nurturing environment. We also provide supper for the students before we send them to SLAM, our junior high youth night. If you are interested in partnering with us contact Wendy Gerhardt at or or 504.523.5556.

A home their family owns

Urban Impact and Castle Rock Community Church are seeking to develop "points of light" within our neighborhood. These "points of light" are homeowners committed to serving God within their neighborhood. We've alread begun to see God transform the neighborhood through prayer walks and the construction of two homes owned by elders at Castle Rock. We still have several available lots and continue to see God's guidance on how to best use those lots to transform this neighborhood for the Kingdom.

For more information, contact Terry Sistrunk at or 504.523.5556.

Summer Youth Internships

Last week in May through first week in August commitment. For 18 to 25 year-olds.

Career Track Internships

3, 6, 9 or 12 month commitment

working within your chosen

career, hobby or future career

track. No age limit.

Bigger Porch Update

(new community center)



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